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Magnetic marketing helps you to successfully attract your potential customers’ focus and grow your business in 2020.
Researchers and digital marketing experts estimate that the average consumer is exposed to around 5,000 – 10,000 marketing messages and imagery each day. We’ve become extremely fatigued by the noise, making it even harder to break people’s preoccupied and insular states of mind.

Emotionally Magnetic Marketing

When companies hire me to “help them with their marketing”, I always begin my Marketing Action Plan (MAP) process by examining their business emotional magnetism. The specific magnetic force that attracts their customers to their business.

In physics, magnetism is a force that can attract (pull closer) or repel (push away) objects that have a magnetic material like iron inside them (magnetic objects). In simpler words, it is a property of certain substances which pull closer or repel other objects. In your business, your marketing is the substance that will magnetize customers to your products or services.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines magnetism as the ability to attract or charm. So, ask yourself, is your marketing attracting or charming your potential customers? Do you really know what is emotionally appealing about your products or services to your existing and potential customers?

By examining why your products, services, and team emotionally connect with your customers, you can clearly differentiate your business. As preoccupied people, we don’t really pay attention to messages unless they connect to our emotional needs.

Case in point, by this time in the post, you may be thinking, “I really hope this is an easy technique”, “I don’t have time to spend on this”, “Who is this ‘expert’ and how does she know what works”, or “Will this marketing technique really save me money and help me grow my business?”. Stay with me and read on my friend.

Think “SAVE”.

Save yourself the frustration and thousands of dollars in ineffective marketing. Start by identifying your customers’ four emotional needs and then create your magnetic messaging to meet those needs.

For over 15 years I have worked with the emotional appeal theory in my marketing and communication strategies and consulted with expert psychologists on motivational messaging and emotional branding. Garn (a pioneer of direct mail marketing in the 60s) discovered the root of buying motivation when he studied thousands of people’s behaviors and determined we can motivate others to listen or act when we connect to their specific emotional appeal.

Basically, when our words connect with a person’s emotional appeal or ‘Emotional Magnet™’ as I call it, they are broken from a preoccupied state and become motivated to listen and act.

Four Emotional Magnets™

Create your marketing messages to connect to all four Emotional Magnets™:

Safety (S)

How does your product or service satisfy your customers’ emotional needs for hunger, love, health and safety? How does your service make it easy and comfortable for your customers, or help them feel secure? Using magnetic marketing words in your messaging that swiftly and emotionally communicate the feeling of satisfying a personal safety need or creating ease and effort will motivate a person with the Safety Emotional Magnet.

Achievement (A)

For customers who have Achievement as their Emotional Magnet, they need to know what you have achieved, what makes you notable, and most importantly how your product or service will make them appear more credible, likable, and successful. Using magnetic marketing words in your messaging that connect with a person’s desire for success, pride, opinion, appreciation, identification with clothing, appearance, behavior, events, people, products or organizations motivate a person with the Achievement Emotional Magnet.

Value (V)

Is your marketing messaging addressing your customers’ emotional needs for worth and security for their future? Does your product or service save people valuable time? Is your business creating value or a legacy for future generations? Using magnetic marketing words in your messaging that communicates saving or earning money and saving time motivate a person with the Value Emotional Magnet.

Experience (E)

What is the future experience your products or services will provide to your customers? Is it something people want and fear they may miss? (Think new iPhone). How do you make it a pleasant, memorable, desirable experience? Using magnetic marketing words in your messaging that communicates a future promise or a new experience motivates consumers with the Experience Emotional Magnet™.

The way for your marketing messaging to break preoccupation and enter the minds of others needs to be strategic. To successfully communicate, you need to meet your potential customers’ emotional needs with your messaging. Understanding Emotional Magnetism™ and the four Emotional Magnets™ is the key to successfully motivating people to act, feel or listen.

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