Personal Communication Training

Personal Communication Skills Training

Sandy and her team offer a wide range of personal communication training services online and in person to improve your communication and connection in your relationships.

Communication Skills Training

Magnetic Communication Bootcamp

Transform your communication skills and enhance your personal and professional relationships with the Magnetic Communication Bootcamp. Led by Sandy Gerber, a seasoned Communication Trainer and Motivational Speaker, this online program can be completed from the comfort of your own space. Are you looking to improve your dialogue with your partner? Want to thrive in your workplace? The Magnetic Communication Bootcamp is your launching pad.

Speaker Training

TEDx Ready Accelerator Coaching Program

Step into the spotlight and stake your claim as a leader in your field with the TEDx Ready Accelerator Coaching Program with Certified Communication Trainer, Sandy Gerber. Embrace the journey to becoming a TEDx speaker—a journey where your voice carries the weight of innovation and inspires action. Enrol in the TEDx Ready Accelerator Coaching Program today, and begin the transformation from expert to influential speaker.

Most Popular Training

Communication Cues (Body Language) Workshop

In this 90 minute intensive workshop, Sandy will train you in the 12 essential non-verbal communication cues to create instant rapport and ignite connection at work and home.

Personalized Communication Skills Training 

1 on 1 Communication Coaching with Sandy

Technology evolves, but effective communication is the key to personal and professional success. Whether you’re looking to enhance your relationships, climb the career ladder, become more articulate in your daily interactions, or improve the way you communicate with yourself, your 1 on 1 private communication coaching with Sandy Gerber is your gateway to achieving your goals.

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Award Winning Publications

Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships” is the recipient of over twenty book awards and translated into three languages. Learn the power of Emotional Magnetism and get your copy.