Emotional Magnetism

Emotional Magnetism™

“Communications expert Sandy Gerber takes the frustration and guesswork out of relationship problems in this brilliant self-help guide to connecting with others.” ~ Blueink Starred Review

“Communications expert Gerber powerfully lays out the importance of communication skills and how to use them effectively in this smart and sensitive work. Writing with a positive spin throughout, this slim, savvy guide offers a clear route to deep, effective improvement of communication skills.” ~
BookLife Editor’s Pick

“Gerber has created a powerful communication tool that is simple to understand and more importantly, effective at boosting self-awareness and empathy in our relationships. Understanding your main Emotional Magnets, and those of the people in your life, will enrich relationships and help your communication to be more effective and influential.”

– Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, Relationship Therapist and Clinical Counsellor

Emotional Magnetism


In this unique and timely book, award-winning communications expert, Sandy Gerber shares how to quickly identify what you emotionally need to be happy (1 of 4 Emotional Magnets) and how to communicate that to the people in your life to be understood and accepted.

There are four communication motivators that magnetize our attention and motivate us to listen or act. These Emotional Magnets drive our choices in our relationships, career, and life with our partners, family, friends, team, customers, and strangers.

Gerber’s highly relatable stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and Emotional Magnets quiz, helps you to:

  • Identify what blocks your communication NOW.
  • Discover what you emotionally NEED to be happy.
  • Learn HOW to create greater engagement with your words.
  • Understand WHY the people in your life make the choices they do.

As you’ll quickly discover after reading Emotional Magnetism, when you know how to communicate what you need to be happy and respond to the Emotional Magnets of the people around you, you’ll magnetize your relationships. Not only will you be heard and understood, but you’ll understand what people want—and how to deliver it.



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Excellent Editorial Reviews, Celebrity Endorsements, Academic Adoption of Methodology, and Winner of 20+ Book Awards


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This book’s popular and practical communication tools are now available in English, Korean, and Arabic.

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About the Book

On a mission to help people improve their personal and professional lives through better communication, Sandy Gerber developed the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique by combining 25 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business strategy with over a decade of research into the psychology of emotional appeal, motivational behaviour, body language, and NLP.

Influenced by our life experiences and environment, our primary Emotional Magnet can be detected as early as age 6, though the weighting of the four magnets can shift over the course of our lives as our circumstances change. Emotional Magnetism™ help us to better understand ourselves and each other, and through that understanding, learn how to communicate to connect.

What are Emotional Magnets

and how can they help you to communicate successfully?

Emotional Magnets are the four core emotional needs that drive the decisions people make, the actions people take, and the way people communicate. When you use specific words to connect with a person’s Emotional Magnets, you more easily influence them to your desired action. To learn how to leverage Emotional Magnets in your personal and business communications, Gerber provides training courses, books, and event speaking.

You are motivated by security, good health, sensibility and simplicity


You are motivated by recognition, performance, pride and opinion


You are motivated by worth, growth, quality and significance


You are motivated by curiosity, creativity, desire and change



About the Author

Sandy Gerber is a Certified Communication Trainer, multiple award-winning Author, and TEDx speaker. For over 25 years, Sandy revitalized communications for some of Canada’s biggest brands. A successful communicator, Sandy was also a female executive leader in three male dominated industries (tech, finance, and heavy equipment).

She’s founded three successful companies and is the visionary behind the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique and training products. As CEO of NEXT Marketing Agency, she set a new standard for innovative communications, growing the company from her bedroom as a single mother, into one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in British Columbia.

Sandy is passionate about helping people to communicate more effectively and ignite connections in their personal and professional relationships. Gerber counts winning a limbo contest at 14 as one of her greatest achievements.

Booklife Editor's Pick

Communications expert Gerber powerfully lays out the importance of communication skills and how to use them effectively in this smart and sensitive work. Writing with a positive spin throughout, this slim, savvy guide offers a clear route to deep, effective improvement of communication skills.

Must Read Reedsy Review 5/ 5 Stars ★★★★★

This book is a gift to those who passionately want to build relationships that last, in one’s personal life and even in business. Once you read this book, the learnings stick because they are practical, easy to remember, and a worthwhile exercise in your everyday engagements.

Chanticleer Review 5/ 5 Stars ★★★★★

Gerber’s writing reflects her marketing background in that it is clear and crisp, and knows how to communicate. Emotional Magnetism is persuasive, and while the marketing concepts she brings forth are not new, she offers a novel approach to understanding them. The book is a self-help and marketing book in one—in fact, it’s a self-marketing book.

Reader's Favourite 5/ 5 Stars ★★★★★

Gerber’s writing style is crisp and concise. Emotional Magnetism is an enlightening read. If you’re having trouble communicating or connecting with others, I highly recommend it.

Whistler Independent Book Awards

The writing is lively and positive; it is an enjoyable read. The author shares entertaining and informative personal anecdotes to demonstrate her theories about emotional magnetism.

Clairon Review

Emotional Magnetism is a self-help book aimed at couples and businesspeople who hope to cultivate more empathetic relationships.

Love Reading UK

Sandy Gerber has a clear voice and was able to articulate the different ways we communicate in simple, easy-to-understand language, with relatable examples and a fun quiz. I honestly think everyone would benefit from reading this book.

Wishing Shelf Books 5/ 5 Stars ★★★★★

The author offers skills you can understand and (hopefully) implement. It feels fresh, the contents of this self-help book never feel as if they were snatched off the internet and re-written. I honestly felt Sandy Gerber knows what she is talking about. The author can write. She knows how to put a message in an interesting, easy-to-follow way. I´m very happy to recommend this book to anybody looking to communicate better, not just at work, but in their personal life too.

    Blueink Starred Review

    Communications expert Sandy Gerber takes the frustration and guesswork out of relationship problems in this brilliant self-help guide to connecting with others.

      Dr. Abraham Chaiton M.D.

      Having experienced several of my own failed relationships, I was drawn to Sandy Gerber’s new handbook Emotional Magnetism, as a promising tool to nurture relationships thru more effective communication. The audio version is delivered in a superb, engaging, and natural manner that makes you feel as if Sandy is in the room talking directly to you, often sharing personal experiences in her life with you.  She outlines an attractive theory, in a simplified hypothesis of motivation in human behaviour, that even Freud would envy. A definite guide worth “SAVE” ing, and directed at those willing to appreciate the work required in nurturing love in their relationships.

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