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Welcome to Best Chapter Events!

After three successful businesses and 25 years of producing events, Sandy created Best Chapter Events to live her passion – bringing together people to engage in empowering events, tools, and communication so they can design and live their ideal lifestyle.

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Why Best Chapter?

Sandy created these events to help people to be inspired to design and live their best chapter in life!  Whether it is a shift or change in your career, relationships, health, retirement planning, or passion projects, Sandy’s Best Chapter Events will have you focused on a clear path to achieve it.

Here’s why Best Chapter Events should be at the top of your to-do list: 

  • welcoming global community
  • engaging edu-tainment experiences
  • practitioners vetted by Sandy
  • vast industry range of experiences
  • complimentary and paid events available
  • action prompts and workbooks
  • digestable learning sessions
  • zero sales push
  • reminder event notifications
  • recordings available


“I’ve always been driven to create experiences and memorable moments for people to connect with themselves and others. I want people to feel more happy, creative, energized, and fulfilled to create the best chapter in their lives.”


Upcoming Best Chapter Events:

Sandy's Social Non-Fiction Book Club

Join Our Best Chapter Non-Fiction Book Club! 📚✨

A cool space on the internet crafted just for you to satisfy your quest for knowledge and growth in an efficient and fun way.

Once a month, we’ll gather to discuss non-fiction works, focusing on just the most engaging chapters – like a secret club for the discerning yet time-pressed reader.

Why is this Book Club Easy & Different?

  • 🍵 Connection & Conversation: Share your thoughts and meet new friends who love learning just as much as you do.
  • 📖 Key Insights & Engagement: Delight in carefully selected recommendations from a treasure trove of non-fiction reads – all without the need to read the book beforehand!
  • 🎉 Fun & Fascination: A perfect mix of enjoyment and inspiration, ready to brighten your weekends.

Join us online the last Friday of the month at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.


SOLD OUT! Women's Fun Weekend Retreat– In Person – Victoria, British Columbia April 5-7 2024
Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Come experience the magic that happens when a group of women come together to unwind, inspire, connect, and have some fun.

Join best-selling author and TEDx Speaker, Sandy Gerber and her friends for the weekend at Victoria, BC’s beautiful Oak Bay Beach Resort – a luxury boutique hotel and seaside spa, recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as the #1 hotel in Canada. Originally built in 1927 and reconstructed in 2012, this English country manor grand hotel is at once timelessly elegant and luxuriously welcoming.

What is the Women’s Weekend Retreat?
It is a fun filled immersive weekend designed by Sandy Gerber for successful women who need a break or boost in their life. Over three days, an incredible group of women share in experiences that make them happy and connected to nature, themselves, and their new friends. Retreat attendees leave the weekend saying they feel more relaxed, revitalized, and ignited to go back to their lives.

Full Agenda & Event Details

PAST EVENT: Reignite Your Innate Creativity!

Susie deVille

In the midst of transitions, we can find ourselves seeking a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and calm. Whether you’ve recently undergone significant life changes or are currently navigating the uncharted waters of a new chapter, this webinar is crafted with you in mind. Embark on a transformative journey designed to awaken the dormant creativity within you and empower you to access and express your highest potential.

What You’ll Learn:

🎨 Reignite Your Creativity:  Feel the exhilaration of rediscovering your creative genius as we delve into hands-on, fun experiences that break down barriers.

🔥 Take Your Next Step To Claim Your Personal Power:  Discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and embracing the power within. Our expert speakers will guide you through empowering strategies to build confidence, overcome self-doubt, and step into your authentic self. Unleash the force that propels you toward success in all areas of your life!

☮️ Access Ease & Calm:  Embrace the notion that transformation can be smooth when we access our intuition and a state of flow.

Susie deVille, author, speaker, and Founder & CEO of the Innovation & Creativity Institute, is on a mission to show entrepreneurs and visionary leaders how to connect with the source waters of their creativity, home in on whom they truly are, and unlock their entrepreneurial potential. She helps business owners and creators learn and leverage the power of trusting themselves and lean into the surprising alchemy of inspired action. Her award-winning book, BUOYANT: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming Wildly Successful, Creative, and Free, is available wherever books are sold.

Why Choose Our Webinar:

✅ Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned mentors (with a combined 60+ years of experience) who are human behavior and creativity experts. Benefit from practical insights, applicable to your unique journey.

✅ Transformational Techniques: Experience powerful practices to calm anxiety, release fear, and cultivate self-trust. Realize a profound shift as you let go of the need to control and embrace flow.

✅ Interactive Sessions: Engage in interactive exercises, live Q&A sessions, and group discussions that awaken epiphanies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to step into your personal power. This webinar is your passport to a world where creativity knows no bounds.


PAST EVENT: Breathwork To Reduce Holiday Stress

Ana Lilia

Breathwork is being referred to as the new yoga and has emerged as a transformative force, gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. I’ve experienced a few breathwork sessions and I always feel so much better after the sessions.

In this Best Chapter complimentary event, the incredible Breathwork Coach, Ana Lilia will explain the benefits of breathwork, use a two-stage pranayama technique, and guide us through conscious breathing to put us in a relaxed state. You can either sit or lie down during the practice. So perfect for your holiday hustle! Register Now as Seating is Limited.

Ana Lilia is a celebrated breathwork practitioner, whose practice focuses on breath as a pathway for transformation. Ana specializes in managing anxiety with her exclusive 7-day Breathwork for Anxiety program, where she offers a combination of guided breathwork meditations, visualization exercises, and intentional journaling. She’s been featured in the LA Times, NBC’s Nightly News with Lester Holt, WebMD, Harper’s Bazaar, among other publications. Ana is also the host of the Breathe More podcast. www.analilia.net

“I’m excited to teach Sandy’s sisters how breathwork can be an easy stress management tool that they can incorporate into their lives to bring more peace and calm.” ~ Ana Lilia


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