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Magnetic Communication:

Communication Trainer & Keynote Speaker shares the key to respectful communication in your workplace, home & mind.


Sandy Gerber

Strategist & Trainer

Sandy Gerber is a multiple award-winning Communication Trainer & Keynote Speaker, Certified Corporate Trainer, Best-Selling Author, Events Producer, and TEDx Speaker. Sandy’s mission is to empower people to become masters of effective communication in their professional and personal lives.

“Gerber has created a powerful communication tool that is simple to understand and more importantly, effective at boosting self-awareness and empathy in our relationships. Understanding your main Emotional Magnets, and those of the people in your life, will enrich relationships and help your communication to be more effective and influential.”
– Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, Relationship Therapist and Clinical Counsellor

Work With Sandy

Learn how to quickly improve your communication skills to deepen connection in your relationships at work and home. Sandy’s keynote speech, communication courses, workplace training programs, and events will help you to transform your relationships, business, and life…

Keynote Speaking

Sandy has enlightened thousands from the speaker stage as a popular conference and corporate event speaker.  Her most popular keynote, Magnetic Communication gives teams powerful communication tools to quickly connect better, igniting engagement, loyalty, and growth.

In this timely and engaging talk, Sandy explains how understanding people’s emotional drivers and communication cues helps you to better connect, engage, and lead in your workplace, industry, and home.

Engagement & Productivity

Workplace Communication Training

Transform the way you connect, engage, and succeed in the workplace with Sandy Gerber’s groundbreaking Workplace Communication Training. Experience the power of effective communication in your business productivity and team engagement with a renowned Certified Corporate Communication Trainer, and TEDx Speaker who has spent over 25 years revolutionizing how Canada’s leading brands and teams express their message.


1 on 1 Communication Coaching with Sandy

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is the key to personal and professional success. Whether you’re looking to enhance your relationships, climb the career ladder, or simply become more articulate in your daily interactions, your 1 on 1 private communication coaching with Sandy Gerber is your gateway to achieving your goals.

communication skills training

Magnetic Communication Bootcamp

Whether you’re looking to improve your professional relationships, make meaningful connections, or simply want to be more confident in your daily conversations, this bootcamp is the key to unlocking successful communication at work and home. In just two hours, it’s designed to deliver powerful results without overwhelming your day.

Speaker Training

TEDx Ready Accelerator Coaching Program

Step into the spotlight and stake your claim as a leader in your field. Embrace the 12 week journey to become a TEDx Speaker. Enroll in the TEDx Ready Accelerator Coaching program today, and begin the transformation from expert to influential speaker. Your ideas have the power to create ripples; let’s amplify their reach together.

Most Popular Course

Communication Cues (Body Language) Workshop

With 55% of our communication impact coming from our body language, we need to be curious about what others non-verbal communication is telling us they feel or need. Non-verbal communication accounts for at least half of all contact between people within the first four minutes of meeting.

Graduated students say the rapport building and communication blocker body language lessons were especially valuable and easy to learn and apply.

Life Changing Course

Magnetic Life Bootcamp

One of Sandy’s most loved training offers is her Magnetic Life Bootcamp. Sandy is the queen of manifestation! Join Sandy for 1 hour for 4 weeks to discover the process, tools, and accountability to manifest what you want in your life.

Magnetic Life Bootcamp


“Sandy created and delivered effective communication skills training to our entire team.

For the first time in my 20+ years with the organization, people knew what to say to make us stand apart and most importantly, how to say it to be effective in the sales and customer service process. Amazingly, we were able to use these skills in our personal relationships too!”

– MAUREEN BORSOI, Director, Operations, St. John Ambulance

“Easy to read and engaging, Gerber has a way of keeping things light,

even when sharing potentially life-changing information. She takes you on a journey and truly wants you to succeed. Her teaching method is highly effective, offering clear explanations of the various communication hacks, as well as relatable real-world examples and scenarios.”

– JANET, Editor, Friesen Press

“Sandy breathes excitement and empowerment as she had our guests walking away truly reflecting on her powerful message.

Our conference was held at the TELUS head office to a sold-out crowd and broadcasted live across the country. TELUS would love to have her keynote again as she was instrumental to the event’s success.”

– PETER MANIANIS, TELUS, Sr. Vendor Manager

Sandy’s TEDx Talk



Award Winning Publications

Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships is the recipient of over twenty book awards and translated into three languages. Join the global #lovetrain. Learn the power of Emotional Magnetism and get your copy today.

QUIZ: What's Your Emotional Magnet?


Join the thousands of people who have taken this quick quiz and find out YOUR Emotional Magnets right now.

Every decision you make in your life is based on one of four core emotional drivers (Emotional Magnets) and that driver motivates you to act and listen. In this free short version assessment, quickly find out what emotionally magnetizes your attention and what you emotionally need to be happy.



Communication Strategist, Certified Corporate Trainer, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Chief Marketing Officer, and Events Producer.


Gerber is passionate about empowering people to become masters of effective communication in their professional & personal lives.


Top 100 Fastest Growing Company, 20+ Book Awards, #1 Amazon Best Selling Communication Book, Women of Worth, & more!


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