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“Emotional Magnetism”

Learn how to easily communicate to be magnetic in your relationships.

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What is Emotional Magnetism?

what attracts or repels people's interest?

Award-winning Canadian communications strategist, Sandy Gerber makes connecting with others easy with “Emotional Magnetism”. When your message (in any form of delivery or channel) connects to your listener’s emotional needs, you magnetize and motivate your listener to listen and act. Over the past 10 years, Sandy used “Emotional Magnetism” to successfully grow three businesses, and to find and sustain a phenomenal long term personal relationship after two failed marriages.

“Sandy Gerber has created a powerful communication tool that is simple to understand and more importantly, effective at boosting self-awareness and empathy in our relationships. Understanding your main Emotional Appeal, and those of the people in your life, will enrich relationships and help your communication to be more effective and influential.”
~ Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, Relationship Therapist and Clinical Counsellor

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Communications Training

Courses, Workshops, Challenges, and Special Events

Are you feeling misunderstood or not heard at work or home? Utilizing the “Emotional Magnetism™” communication technique, you can quickly improve your communication success in your personal or business relationships.

These training services are ideal if you want to:

  • Understand what is blocking your communication success
  • Learn what you emotionally need to be happy in your relationships, career, and life
  • Know how to easily communicate to connect with anyone, anywhere.

“Sandy created and delivered effective communication skills training to our entire team. For the first time in my 20+ years with the organization, people knew what to say to make us stand apart and most importantly, how to say it to be effective in the sales and customer service process. Amazingly, we were able to use these skills in our personal relationships too!”

Maureen Borsoi

Director, Operations, St. John Ambulance

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Sandy Gerber’s Published Books

Communication, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategy

Sandy has authored three books, “Brand Chatter: 5 Simple Steps to Stand Out & Grow Sales”, “Woman of Worth: Defining Mom Success”, and “Emotional Magnetism™”. Sandy champions the power of emotional appeal through language in all our relationships and the effect words can have on how we label our lives.

Your results from reading Gerber’s books can include:

  • Increased self awareness and confidence in your communication skills
  • Strategic brand messaging and entrepreneurial management of your business
  • Reduced miscommunication in your personal and professional communication

“Easy to read and engaging, Gerber has a way of keeping things light, even when sharing potentially life-changing information. She takes you on a journey and truly wants you to succeed. Her teaching method is highly effective, offering clear explanations of the various communication hacks, as well as relatable real-world examples and scenarios.”


Editor, Friesen Press

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Are you looking for a speaker to ignite and impact your audience? An effective motivational speaker knows the types of topics that really deliver for your audience – be it at a business conference or a positive, inspirational event. Sandy covers the bases when it comes to being your female motivational speaker.

An inspiring TEDx and keynote speaker, Sandy’s most popular topics include the following:

  • Magnetize your relationships by boosting your communication skills
  • Keep the romance in your relationship by learning to “Label With Care”
  • Learn how to shift your mompreneur mishaps to mompreneur mastery
  • Increase your business success with emotionally magnetic leadership

“Sandy breathes excitement and empowerment as she had our guests walking away truly reflecting on her powerful message. Our conference was held at the TELUS head office to a sold-out crowd and broadcasted live across the country. TELUS would love to have her keynote again as she was instrumental to the event’s success.”

Peter Manianis

TELUS, Sr. Vendor Manager

What are Emotional Appeals

and how can they help you to communicate successfully?

Emotional appeals are the four core emotional needs that drive the decisions people make, the actions people take, and the way people communicate. When you use specific words to connect with a person’s Emotional Appeal, you more easily influence them to your desired action. To learn how to leverage Emotional Appeals in your personal and business communications, Gerber provides training courses, books, and event speaking.

You are motivated by security, good health, sensibility and simplicity


You are motivated by recognition, performance, pride and opinion


You are motivated by worth, growth, quality and significance


You are motivated by curiosity, creativity, desire and change


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Meet Sandy Gerber

For over 20 years, Canadian communications strategist, Sandy Gerber revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands. She is the author of two books, founder of three successful businesses, Vice President, Marketing & Communications for pioneering local chain ag-tech company, CubicFarm Systems Corp. and the visionary of the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique and education products. Sandy is passionate about empowering individuals to become masters of effective communication in their personal and professional lives. She offers “Emotional Magnetism” training courses, books and is a professional, keynote speaker for businesses, events, and organizations.


20 Years as a Marketing & Communications Strategist, Certified Corporate Trainer, Certified NLP Sales Practitioner, Author, TEDx and Keynote Speaker


To improve communication skills on a global scale and create lasting change for generations to come


Founder, Top 100 Fastest Growing Company, Contributor, #1 Best Selling Book, Mompreneur of the Year, Businessperson of the Year.

Books by communications strategist, Sandy Gerber

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Brand Chatter

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WOW: Moms in Business

Emotional Magnetism Book

Emotional MagnetismTM

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