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What are decision driversTM

when it comes to professional communication training?

Decision Drivers™ are the four emotional needs that drive the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the way you communicate. When you use specific words (needs language) to connect with a person’s Decision Driver™, you become an influential communicator. To learn how to do this, Gerber provides corporate or sales training, motivational event speaking, content marketing and coaching.

You are motivated by security, good health, sensibility and simplicity


You are motivated by recognition, performance, pride and opinion


You are motivated by worth, growth, quality and significance


You are motivated by curiosity, creativity, desire and change


Effective communicators start by knowing themselves, first

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By understanding and recognizing Decision Drivers™ in yourself and others, you communicate and connect to drive better results in all aspects of your life. In business, that starts with better corporate communication skills training. In a leadership job, it’s better people management skills training. In personal relationships, boosting your own self-confidence and understanding motivates you for more success in life.


Understand your decisions and become clear and confident in your voice

One to One

Speak confidently, listen effectively, communicate productively

Leading People

Learn to guide people’s decisions, to get win-win results

Part of a Team

Strengthen your connections and get results, while making group decisions

Online Communication Training

E-Learning Courses Led by Sandy Gerber

Decision Drivers™ methodology teaches you to speak in a way that people can connect with, so you can become an influential communicator. The skills training found in Gerber’s online courses are easy to use, practical and can help you to get more out of your personal life and career. They can be applied when forming relationships in your family, or when trying to achieve more at work. You can begin having more effective interactions with spouses, siblings, children, bosses, co-workers and customers. Join a long list of students who are using Influential Communications courses and webinars to:

  • Strengthen personal relationships by acquiring interpersonal communication skills
  • Reduce family and workplace conflict with communication and listening skills
  • Grow stand-out businesses with mindful sales training and corporate behaviour skills
  • Communicate with confidence using effective, motivational speaking
  • Improve public speaking and networking skills


“Gerber has created a powerful communication tool that is simple to understand and more importantly, effective at boosting self-awareness and empathy in our relationships. Understanding your Decision Drivers™, and those of the people in your life, will enrich relationships and help your communication to be more effective and influential.”

Alyson Jones

MA, RCC, Relationship Therapist and Clinical Counsellor

Corporate Communication Skills Training

On-site Business Coaching and Training in Vancouver

Through the Decision Driver™ Selling and Leadership courses, or customized trainings, Sandy acts as a Vancouver business coach to teach executives, managers and corporate teams on how to become a better speaker. These focused, communication strategies are designed to improve internal and customer business results. Join businesses like Rogers Radio, Williams Machinery and St. John Ambulance who’ve benefited from Sandy’s communication coaching. They’ve learned to:

  • Better lead teams through management training programs
  • Reduce workplace miscommunication through corporate skills training
  • Boost productivity and revenue by activating customer decisions through sales skills training
  • Increase employee engagement through team building and corporate culture training

And, all those results can be attributed to understanding a speaker’s purpose in communication, in various contexts. Hence, the Decision Driver™ methodology to sales and leadership training.


“Sandy created and delivered effective communication skills training to our entire team. For the first time in my 20+ years with the organization, people knew what to say to make us stand apart and most importantly, how to say it to be effective in the sales and customer service process.”

Maureen Borsoi

Director, Operations, St. John Ambulance


Customized talks and presentations by a female motivational speaker

Hire Sandy as a guest speaker for your event, workplace, or non-profit association. Known for her innovative and visual speaking style, this Canadian motivational coach shows audiences how effective communication can help them make genuine connections that drive positive results. Become one of the thousands of people who’ve been inspired by Sandy’s talks on:

  • Work-life balance (Sandy’s an entrepreneur and mom herself, and has lots to share on this topic. Looking for female inspirational speakers? You’ve got one with Sandy!)
  • Relationship communication (Sandy’s gone through a bad relationship, and a great one. She can tell you what her speaking techniques have done to change things around for her).
  • NLP Sales training strategy (Sandy is a Certified NLP Sales Practitioner and professional corporate sales trainer in Vancouver).
  • Effective leadership (Sandy has worked with large Canadian brands to educate teams on marketing and messaging, which apply both internally and externally).
  • Other customized topics related to motivation for success in life and business.


“IAW selected Sandy Gerber as a speaker for our hundreds of members, as her expertise and passion for communication is remarkable. Her presentation was informative, energetic, and filled with tips and learnings the members could use immediately after the event.”

Marie Bartolotti

Program & Engagement Manager, International Association of Women

Meet the coach

For over 20 years, Sandy Gerber has revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands. The author of two books, founder of three successful businesses, and visionary of the Decision Driver™ communication training technique and education products, Sandy is passionate about empowering individuals to become masters of effective communication. She offers online courses and corporate trainings in Influential Communications and is a professional, Vancouver-based guest speaker for businesses, events and organizations.


20 Years as a Marketing & Communications Strategist, Certified Corporate Trainer (CTC), Certified NLP Sales Practitioner, Life Coach and Public Speaker


To improve communication training on a global scale and create lasting change for generations to come


Contributor, #1 Best Selling Book, Founder, Top 100 Fastest Growing Company, Mompreneur of the Year, Businessperson of the Year.

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