Meet Sandy Gerber - Creator of Emotional Magnetism™ Communication Technique

“I love seeing how a simple communication tool can empower people to understand and attract success in our preoccupied world.”

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Gerber is communciation and marketing strategist, author, entrepreneur and creator of the Emotional MagnetismTM communication technique.

On a mission to help people improve their personal and professional lives through better communication, Sandy Gerber developed the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique by combining 25 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business strategy with over a decade of research into the psychology of emotional appeal, motivational behaviour, body language, and NLP.

Influenced by our life experiences and environment, our primary Emotional Magnet can be detected as early as age 6, though the weighting of the four magnets can shift over the course of our lives as our circumstances change. Emotional Magnetism™ help us to better understand ourselves and each other, and through that understanding, learn how to communicate to connect.

There are Four Emotional Magnets (Needs) that Inform the Decisions you Make, the Actions you Take, and the Way you Communicate.

They are:

You are motivated by security, good health, sensibility and simplicity


You are motivated by recognition, performance, pride and opinion


You are motivated by worth, growth, quality and significance


You are motivated by curiosity, creativity, desire and change


So how do you become a better communicator?

The answer lies in knowing what emotionally motivates your listener. When you know what emotionally charges your listener’s decisions, you can break-through common communication barriers with anyone in your life.

“This workshop has impacted my life in such a positive way, especially with my children. I understand now why my one child listens and respond to me, while the other doesn’t, it has worked wonders in getting them both to listen and respond. Thank you Sandy, your tool is life-changing.” ~Arnelle W., Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Why Should Emotional Magnetism™ Matter to You?

Ever notice how something that is compelling for you is not necessarily compelling for the person next to you? Ever notice how that same thing, cast in a different light, can suddenly appeal to you both? This is the power of Emotional Magnetism™. It’s not manipulation, it’s the ability to communicate in a way that other people can actually hear and understand.

There are plenty of complex personality assessments on the market that offer in-depth behavioural analyses. Unfortunately, the results are difficult to process and even harder to action. The Emotional Magnetism™ communication tool instead distills this information into an easy, memorable, and practical framework—and then tells you precisely how to apply it at home and at work.

By understanding Emotional Magnetism™ and learning how to detect the four emotional magnets in yourself and in others, you can more easily see another’s point of view, understand the nature of conflict, make respectful compromises, move with greater empathy and compassion, and adjust your messaging in order to connect with people and be influential.


Why use Emotional Magnets when communicating?

Emotional Magnets are the four emotional needs people have that motivate action. One or two of these drive your decisions in all aspects of your life. Your Emotional Magnets are formed from your life experiences to date and can evolve as your personal goals and life experiences change.

How can Emotional Magnets help me?

Imagine your emotional needs as magnets. If a person’s words connect with your Emotional Magnet, their message will pull your attention immediately and likely prompt you to act. When you know a person’s emotional needs, you can create a message to activate their decision-making process. Once you know the four Emotional Magnets, you can watch for them in your communications and choose “needs language” in your messaging to connect to them to easily build rapport and motivate people to action. Basically, if you identify a person’s Emotional Magnet and communicate to meet it, you will more likely motivate the person to your desired action.

How will Emotional Magnets help my relationships?

Relationship conflict often stems from poor or failing communication. Reigniting and boosting your connection to your partner can be done by communicating with greater understanding and empathy. For those people who are interested in identifying the emotional needs that motivate us all, understanding Emotional Magnets™ will help you strengthen your relationships.

What’s the best way to start learning these communication strategies?

Before you can communicate with influence, you must first understand why you make the choices you do in your life. Most students begin with the Magnetic Communications self-study online course, as it can be easily learned in just a few hours. With that course’s knowledge, you will be equipped to observe the behavioural cues and nonverbal signals people send in every conversation. If you need help communicating with others about your business, then the Marketing Influential Communication course will help you to speak confidently and clearly in your sales process.

MEET SANDY: Sandy’s Story


The Early Years

One child in a family of six, Sandy had to fight for airtime. Around the dinner table, louder, faster voices won out, but it didn’t take Sandy long to realize that being heard wasn’t the same as being understood. Her early fascination with words and people’s reaction to them continued into her teen years.

At boarding school, she observed that the way you introduce yourself can lead to either respect or ridicule and learned that by preparing for important conversations in advance she could affect a better outcome. At 14 she read her first book on non-verbal communication and later felt the impact of negative body language firsthand when the vice-principal, eyes cast down and shoulders slouched in disinterest, told Sandy that her grandfather was dying.


The Discovery Years

Sandy moved to New Brunswick to study at Mount Allison University but found the pace of learning too slow. Returning to Toronto, she landed a job at a stock brokerage where she discovered that her interest wasn’t in stocks but in crafting sales collateral and marketing materials. Assembling a portfolio, she enrolled in the Toronto Academy of Design and Technology’s computer graphics and web design.

Straight out of the Academy of Design Sandy was offered a job with Molson Canada working on the famous IAM campaign. There she learned marketing best practices and how to speak to people’s emotions. By activating the national pride of Canadians and their need for recognition, Sandy and her colleagues were able to ignite the first 5,000-strong online community of loyal beer enthusiasts (a veritable legion in the dial-up days!) who became ambassadors for the brand.


The Management Years

Sandy realized that appealing to people’s emotions was also important in corporate communications. In her late 20s, she became the Director of Operations at Grey Interactive. With 24 people reporting to her, she was responsible for everything from marketing and project management to performance reviews and later a restructuring that demanded she deliver news of a massive layoff. Sandy needed to walk the line between professionalism and empathy, but no one had taught her how to do that.

To prepare, she took courses through the Harvard School of Business and pursued self-directed studies of team communications, team management, meeting etiquette and flow, performance management, operations best practices, efficiency reporting, production management and more. In a later marketing role with B.C. Lottery Corp, Sandy leveraged her marketing and communications strategy skills to win retailers’ support and launch Canada’s first e-gaming platform, “PlayNow.”


The Transition Years

By her mid-30s, Sandy was married with two young children and decided to leave the corporate world in order to spend more time with her children. Launching NEXT Marketing Agency from a bedroom office, she wrote her “Momlogy” (a list of motherhood goals) and began to redesign her life and career to suit her family objectives. In just a few years, providing marketing strategy and implementation to some of Canada’s most loved brands, Sandy remarkably grew her business out of the bedroom and into a downtown award-winning agency. Being a mompreneur shone a new light on Sandy’s relationship. She decided to end the marriage and raise the children as a single mom.

The dual demands of needing to communicate with her ex on parental matters and of needing to grow her business to support her children, left Sandy feeling challenged and emotionally spent. Convinced that better communication was key, she began to study the psychology of motivational behaviour. She consulted with therapists, studied neurolinguistics, and read everything from Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and Nobel Prize-Winning Psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgement to the Magic Power of Emotional Appeal by Roy Garn. As she deepened her knowledge, her understanding of Emotional Magnetism™ began to form.


The Growth Years

Applying Emotional Magnetism™ yielded results. Family communication became less stressful for Sandy, and her keen ability to zero in on a client’s Emotional Magnet™ saw her win almost every pitch. NEXT became one of British Columbia’s fastest growing companies. By her 40s, Sandy needed more challenge and she accepted an offer from one of her clients, Wesgroup Equipment, to come in-house and execute the strategic marketing plan she’d developed for them at NEXT.

After a thorough assessment of the company’s marketing and communications, Sandy revitalized the brand aligning the business strategy to the new marketing strategy, created a strategic communication and customer service standards training program and trained every employee, personally. It was her first foray into creating a customer experience communications training program, and she loved it. The impact was immediately visible, and employees often told Sandy that her training had helped them in their personal communications at home. Sandy could relate. She and her partner Kris were using Emotional Magnetism™ daily to create a love and trust that neither had previously thought possible.


The Contribution Years

Always looking for impact through her work, Sandy decided that helping people to communicate more effectively and make meaningful connections with their customers and personal relationships the work of her future. Donning her entrepreneur hat once again, Sandy launched NEXT Impact Press, authored BRAND CHATTER™: 5 Simple Steps to Stand Out and Grow Sales (a popular tool for entrepreneurs) and became certified as a Corporate Trainer and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

Distilling over 25 years of communications and marketing experience, skills training, and self-study into four simple and actionable principles, she developed the Emotional Magnetism™ communications tool and released her twenty-time award-winning book, “Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection In Your Relationships”. 

Next Step:
Philanthropy Program

Working with Sandy Gerber is Working with the community.

Each year Sandy selects several charities to support and donates to those charities. Past charities include local and international organizations including Me to We, Bridges to Community, Zajac Ranch for Children, Weekend to End Breast Cancer, and The Lupus Foundation. Passionate about supporting businesses and entrepreneurs, Sandy has volunteered and offered time as a mentor at the Board of Trade Leaders of Tomorrow Program, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, and Chambers of Commerce.