Is Outdoor Advertising Still Effective?

We all know the key to a successful marketing campaign is integration.  Multiple channels, broadcasting a consistent message and call to action. An integrated campaign is extremely effective and even better, measurable.

This week, we are working with one of our long-term NEXT clients, to revitalize their decade old brand. Today I presented our Marketing Action Plan with the positioning strategy; marketing channel proposal and we got the green light! Our first step will be to create an integrated Holiday campaign, using traditional and digital channels to connect with our retail and online prospective customers.  Exciting!

Outdoor Media Makes a Comeback

For this campaign and specifically to connect with our target customers, we have selected a few key channels to promote our message, including one I have not used in a while and love, Outdoor! Outdoor or out-of-home media is advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside their homes. Outdoor advertising can be cost prohibiting for some businesses, but if the investment can be made, they are very effective.

Outdoor Advertising Viewers More Engaged with Brand

I love outdoor advertising, especially when it is one component of an integrated campaign. Combining billboard campaigns with other channels can be very successful – the potential customer notices the campaign on multiple channels, it creates a solid, lasting impression and helps them to remember your message. In fact, according to Clear Channel Direct, studies have shown that people who have seen an outdoor marketing campaign are 17% more likely to follow up and engage with that brand on their phone. The outdoor campaign can serve as an awareness launching pad to encourage consumers to connect with your brand in a more direct way.

Be Strategic in Your Outdoor Placement Selection

Choosing a suitable number of billboards or transit ads is critical to your campaign success. Not only do you need to ensure the placement locations align to your target audiences, you also need to ensure you have enough exposure for your investment. You want to examine the length of the campaign flight (I recommend a minimum of 4 weeks) and the number of installations/boards you need to have the most impact within your budget.

Track Your Outdoor Success

One of the fabulous by products of an integrated campaign is measurability. By using online channels with your outdoor advertising, you can effectively measure the success of your campaign.  There are numerous methods to gauge response and engagement. You can display a specific web page or tool and track that specific activity post ad launch. You can also get very creative with your ad messaging and call to action, to boost social sharing and engagement.

Outdoor Advertising Design Considerations

When the time comes to design your outdoor ad, the most important element is your message. The viewer has a very limited amount of time to absorb your message. Make your message highly visual, succinct and engaging. Do not make the viewer work to understand your message, they will become annoyed. By reaching potential customers who are actively outside of their workplace/homes and in a positive mind frame, your brand will more effectively leave a lasting impression.


About the author

For over 20 years, Sandy Gerber has revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands. The author of two books, founder of three successful businesses, and visionary of the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique and education products, Sandy is passionate about empowering individuals to become masters of effective communication. She offers Marketing Consulting, Communications Training and Coaching in “Emotional Magnetism” and is a professional, Vancouver-based guest speaker for businesses, events and organizations.