Case Study: An inside view of NEXT’s marketing strategy services with client, ProDio.

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I find the best way to explain the NEXT marketing strategy services is to showcase a recent client experience.  I am very happy to introduce you to ProDio Audio Learning Inc. This company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and was founded by Russell and Christine Cullingworth.

What is ProDio?

ProDio is the leader in mobile audio-only learning for professionals. ProDio is designed specifically for members of Professional Associations to complete their annual Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement to improve their skills, knowledge and professional competence.

Recently I asked Russell and Christine some questions in order to share the NEXT client experience with you directly. Below is their direct feedback on NEXT’s marketing strategy experience….

Q. Why did you choose Sandy’s Marketing Action Plan services for your business?

A. “Christine attended Sandy’s talk at a conference 6 years ago and started to follow her on LinkedIn. She offered a webinar around her marketing that Christine attended and gave away so much great information without pressure. She was smart, personable and competent, so when we needed marketing advice, she was the go-to person.” 

Q. What value did you receive for the investment you made?

A. “We received a comprehensive marketing action plan to shape our future marketing strategy for a long time; clarity around what we do and why we do it, a better understanding of our competitors and specific strategies to engage and communicate with our target market.”

Q. How are Sandy’s services different from other marketing strategy consultants or services? 

A. “Sandy asked many good questions. She understands that marketing is not only about what we do, more about why we do it. She took her time, listening carefully and asking questions to reveal our deeper motivations and purpose, helping us to recognize our intrinsic emotional connection to our work.  The project wasn’t drawn out and based on an hourly fee, she gets all the info she needs, considers and presents her findings. There weren’t any unnecessary meetings or dragging out hourly billings.” 

Q. What was your biggest surprise in the process?

A. “Sandy asked many questions for three hours without expressing opinions and then went away and digested everything to give us the best plan for our business. Her questions progressed deeper and deeper in examining our motives etc.”

Q. What problem did the Marketing Action Plan (MAP) solve for you?

A. “We had identified marketing as one of our weaker areas on our management team; Sandy’s MAP gave us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our company, our competitors and provided industry best practices for us to go forward.” 

Q. How has the Marketing Action Plan (MAP) benefited your business?

A. “As a result of Sandy’s plan, we were able to improve our marketing materials right away, by adding a call to action, how to present our materials, added a key slogan “StoryStyle” that encompasses what our mobile audio learning style; developed an understanding of the needs and wants of our key clients; competitive analysis – helped us to understand the strengths of our competitors and provided key messages to draw from. This gave us more confidence in our marketing and made it more enjoyable.” 

ProDio Logo

Why ProDio?

ProDio earned instant popularity by producing high quality, “story style” audio-only PD courses via a free mobile app. Essentially, ProDio makes it easy to complete your professional development while traveling, exercising or simply enjoying the outdoors.  With decades of professional development learning experience, expert instructors and “story style” engaging content, ProDio verifiable courses are a must-have for any busy professional. https://prodiolearning.com/

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