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In this post, I am happy to share a few face and neck body language techniques to boost your communication success. The body gives us so many cues and signals subconsciously. Messages are sent to others through almost every moving part of our body.

The 7 Points of Impression are an easy way to learn, remember and use body language techniques. You want to minimize the potential of your body language is misunderstood. These 7 Points of Impression help you to spark a connection through your nonverbal communication to create satisfying relationships.

Whether you are attempting to connect with one person, a few people or a large audience, the rules for connection apply.

To truly connect with a person, focus on their needs and convey a sense of commitment to your listener. Your listener will hear what you know and say, but he will feel what you say, by the way you say it – your body language!

In this post, we will go through one of the 7 Points of Impression, Face & Neck.


Your face and neck are powerful tools for conveying how you feel about a topic.  Faces communicate emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and so throughout our lives, we constantly search there for clues. When you meet someone, you should look like you want to meet him.


There is no quicker way to make someone feel good about themselves than to smile at them. Your facial expression also impacts your tone of voice. When you smile genuinely, your voice automatically sounds more positive and has more energy. Your tone will sound more optimistic. A genuine smile is an instant way to communicate friendliness and goodwill. When you smile, your body responds, relaxes and you present a naturally friendly demeanor. Studies have shown that a genuine smile can be truly contagious in both professional and personal environments and is often a trait we associate with charismatic individuals.

Power of “e”

An easy trick to remember when meeting new people is to think of saying the letter “e” without actually saying it. It makes your face friendlier and more approachable and enables you to be less anxious.

Face and Neck Blocking

Be aware of face blocking. This behavior is seen when a person puts their elbows on top of a table and holds their hands in front of their face. Essentially the person is insulating themselves because of stress, lack of confidence or they don’t like the person they are talking to. The hands serve as a psychological barrier.

The neck is the weakest and most vulnerable part of our body. The neck is often ignored when it comes to nonverbal communication, even though we know our necks signal when we are comfortable, interested, or receptive to an idea or person.  We touch our necks, cover them or ventilate them, along with other behaviors and in doing so we tell the world what we are secretly thinking or feeling.

Space Between Earlobe and Shoulder

Studies of high achievers unveil an easy body language hack to appear confident in any situation with your body language. Be mindful of expanding the space between the bottom of your earlobe to your shoulder. When you lessen the space between these two body parts, you can come across as being less confident and insecure. Keep that space open and your neck held high!

Neck Touching

Neck touching is an excellent indicator of insecurities, apprehension, anxiety, worries or issues. We tend to touch our neck when something is bothering us or we are concerned. People usually only massage the sides or back of their neck when something is bothering them. If a person is playing with their collar or necklace, it is done to relieve stress. When a person goes from a relaxed state to a quick stiffening of the neck, it is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Head Tilt

When meeting people and listening to them, you will want to tilt your head to the side. The tilting of the head to the side, exposing the side of the neck, is one of the most used yet least understood body-language behavior. This behavior signifies the person is listening and interested. It is powerfully disarming behavior – extremely useful during a confrontation. Coupled with a smile, this is one of the most effective ways to win over others.

The 7 Points of impression are your ground rules for sparking a connection with others and establishing a good rapport. You’ve been playing the game of body language subconsciously all of your life. Now is the time to observe it in others and demonstrate positive body language in all of your communications. Start with this one Point of Impression, Face & Neck and strengthen your nonverbal skills today. If you want to improve your body language communications today, discover more tips on my BLOG including the 7 Points of Impression and more! All my best to you in your communications.

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