Cactus Club creates positive BRAND CHATTER

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned an interesting article in Forbes on the importance of marketing integration and how vital it is for all channels to be unified in their message.  A great company example is Cactus Club Café.  Not only are they consistent in their messaging but they also create a positive BRAND CHATTER™ experience for their customers. NEXT would like to highlight Cactus Club Café and their latest 98 Days of Summer campaign.

“Summer…creating memories of good times had with friends on a patio while basking in the sun” – Cactus Club Café website

Since May 27th, Cactus Club Café has been running their summer drink promotions where they are featuring 17 exclusive alcoholic drink specials for 98 days (until September 3rd, 2012). Cactus Club Café is a great example of a brand that is consistent across all platforms: Updating their Facebook Cover Page and Twitter background, creating engagement about the campaign through status updates, poll questions and posting photos, creatively designed print advertising including coasters and updating their website images to showcase and promote it.

Cactus Club Café has been nominated again for their amazing social media efforts in customer service and will be competing as a finalist at the 2012 West Coast Social Media Awards taking place this Friday (June 8).  Cactus Club Café was the 2011 winner of this award  and has a great chance of succeeding again.

NEXT is looking forward to finding out the winners from the 2012 West Coast Social Media Awards happening this week and congratulate Cactus Club Café on their successful campaign.

Have you been to Cactus Club yet and tasted their new features?


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