Canadian motivational speaker Sandy Gerber

“Canada’s popular motivational communications strategist is truly helping people to communicate better.”


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Canada’s popular motivational keynote speaker helps people to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Create real change in life and business with “Emotional Magnetism™”

This Canadian motivational speaker, based in Vancouver, is the author of two books, and the visionary of the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique and education products.

A discerning student of marketing, psychology, a Certified Corporate Trainer, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Sandy promotes the power of emotional appeal through language. Known for her innovative, fun, and visual speaking style, Sandy has been an event speaker at conferences, corporate events, universities, sales training, and mentor programs across Canada. She has acted as a motivational coach for hundreds of people, especially in regards to effective communication methods.

Through her “Emotional Magnetism” book, speaking events, workshops, and courses Sandy teaches people how to identify the emotions that drive their decisions, how to recognize what drives the decisions of others, and how to use that knowledge to communicate and engage more effectively in their personal and professional relationships.

Sandy Gerber’s passion for communications evolved from her early career as a marketer, but her fascination with how people connect (or fail to connect) through words began when she was a child. An award-winning marketing and communications expert, Sandy has over 20 years of experience in revitalizing the marketing and communications for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands.

The founder of three successful businesses, Sandy deftly juggled the roles of mompreneur and single mother while growing her company, NEXT Marketing Agency, from a small home-based operation into one of the fastest growing businesses in British Columbia. If you’re looking for a female motivational speaker, you’ll definitely hit the jackpot with Sandy Gerber.

For over 20 years, this female, business keynote speaker has revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands. And, she’s ready to do the same for your audience – be it at a corporate business conference or virtual event, woman-focused support group, or even in-house, as your next workplace motivational speaker.

When you hire her as your guest speaker, you’ll immediately notice that Sandy is passionate about empowering people to communicate effectively. She is the author of two books and the founder of three successful companies— NEXT Marketing Agency, ManUp Grooming, and NEXT Impact Press, which includes the Magnetic Communications Mastery School. The visionary of the Emotional Magnetism™ communication technique and education products, she is a highly desired speaker.

As a communications training advocate and professional speaker, she teaches people how to identify the emotional motivations and behaviours of others and how to use that awareness to communicate to connect in your personal or business relationships. 

Understanding the value of mentorship in business, Sandy supports and volunteers with a number of organizations including the Board of Trade Leaders of Tomorrow Program, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Bridges to Community, and ME to WE. She also offers Emotional Magnetism course scholarships and contributes to multiple charities and organizations annually.


An effective motivational speaker knows the types of topics that really deliver for your audience – be it at a business conference or a positive, inspirational event. Sandy covers the bases when it comes to being your female business or motivational speaker. Get a glimpse of her top public speaking topics below. Or, ask her about customized keynote speaking topics, made specifically for your corporate event, workplace, non-profit, school, or other organization needs.

Mompreneur Mishaps to Mastery

Looking for women motivational speakers in Canada? Sandy’s bang-on. She’s been through it all: from mommy mishaps to moments of triumph, Sandy shares her ups and downs of being a mom+entrepreneur – all with a healthy dose of humour and humility. Balancing the demands of family and career is a skill. Learn how to master it with the help of key insights and lessons learned from this female business speaker and mother-of-two. With her positive speaking style (full of comedic qualities, assured), your event audience can begin creating their own definition of success at home and at work. She’ll inspire women with the roadmap, or “Momlogy,” that will empower them to meet their objectives, and achieve a better work/life balance.

Magnetize Your Relationships

Relationship conflict often stems from poor or failing communication. Reignite and boost your connection in your relationships at work or home by learning to communicate with greater understanding and empathy. Openly contrasting her experiences of an abusive marriage with those of a long term successful relationship informed by Emotional Magnetism™, communications expert and speaker, Sandy Gerber, will teach you to understand and identify the four emotional appeals that attract or repel us in our preoccupied world. She’ll offer you the simple and popular “Emotional Magnetism™” technique to use to increase intimacy and strengthen your relationships so you feel heard, accepted and understood.

Emotionally Magnetic Leadership

Every business outcome arises from a point of good (or bad) leadership. Formatted for CEOs, executives and managers, Canadian leadership speaker Sandy Gerber shares a three-step process for positively influencing employee actions, performance and results. In this corporate skills training, audiences learn the “Emotional Magnetism™” communication technique and the simple ways to lead with confidence, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity.


Sandy’s professional speaker resume

Looking for a great, Canadian motivational speaker? The following venues have seen Sandy’s worth, and made her a seasoned veteran to keynote speaking for various women-focused and corporate event audiences.

  • Rogers Media
  • Mompreneur Canadian Conference
  • Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Annual Women of Worth
  • Canadian Internet Marketing Conference
  • Achieve & Lead Annual Conference
  • Surrey Chamber of Commerce
  • TELUS Agency Summit
  • International Association of Women
  • Marketing Profs
  • Digital Strategy Conference
  • North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • HR Impact Vancouver
  • NSBN
  • Awaken Your Light Retreat
  • Kwantlen University
  • HR Impact Toronto
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Mackay CEO Forum
  • Burnaby Chamber of Commerce
  • M Summit
  • Vancouver Business Network
  • Griffin Centre