Marketing Strategy, Marketing Implementation & Management


What impact would successful marketing and communications have on your business?

Sandy Gerber and her team become your temporary senior marketers whom you can rely on to achieve results. Your business benefits from having a senior-level marketing executive with strategic and tactical skills directing important marketing initiatives so they support the goals of your business.

Marketing Consulting Services


  • Leverage strategic industry, competitor and marketplace marketing opportunities
  • Create a strategic marketing edge over your competition that they cannot copy
  • Identify your ideal customers’ “Decision Drivers” to satisfy customer needs
  • Determine specific marketing goals, initiatives and measurements for success
  • Align sales, customer service and marketing teams with consistent messaging

An effective marketing strategy positions your business for success. The core aspects of a successful marketing strategy clearly identify WHO needs your product or service, WHAT job your product or service does for your customers, WHY your customers choose you and HOW you uniquely benefit your customers vs. your competition. A good marketing strategy helps you to allocate your resources internally and externally and acts as an excellent framework for business practices.

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  • Focused roadmap to strategically align your marketing efforts with your business goals
  • Comprehensive understanding of your competitor and industry marketing activity
  • Detailed marketing mix recommendation for best profit-making potential and growth
  • Engage your team to successfully implement a structured and measurable marketing plan
  • Align your marketing projects to engage your ideal customers and employees

Our team provides you with a detailed plan based on your business requirements, target audiences, budget, and performance goals. Your MAP (Marketing Action Plan) includes your Strategic Brand Positioning, Competitive Marketing Model, Suggested Marketing Programs and Priorities, Recommended Budget and the Annual Implementation Plan.


  • Experienced marketing leadership so you can focus on your business operations
  • Accountable and responsible marketing team and project management
  • Comprehensive knowledge of marketing channels and tools (traditional, direct, digital, social, search, automation, events, outdoor, media, pr, etc.)
  • Structured communication and production monitoring and measurement
  • Team training of best practice marketing skills for effective internal leadership and management transition

With our successful temporary leadership of your marketing projects, team, and suppliers, we ensure your marketing is executed successfully. We work to systemize and structure your marketing projects and train your team for a seamless transition of responsibilities. We essentially work ourselves out of a job to ensure your team continues the momentum we created for your marketing.

Take your Marketing Communication to the next level with LIVE weekly coaching


Accelerate your business growth by completing the Influential Marketing & Communications Coaching Program. In just four weekly LIVE online workshop sessions you will create the exact marketing content you need to motivate people to buy your products and services. Training and coaching is provided by NLP Sales Practitioner and award-winning marketer, Sandy Gerber. Upon completion of the program you’ll have:

  • The words to describe WHAT you do and WHY you are NEEDED
  • Exact SALES MESSAGING to use in person, on your website and on social media platforms
  • WHO you want as your ideal CUSTOMERS and HOW to give them what they need to buy
  • The three reasons WHY you are DIFFERENT and the RESULTS you create for your customers
  • EASY ELEVATOR PITCH to use in your networking or sales process
  • COMMUNITY and SUPPORT of like-minded small business owners

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The key to Influential Marketing and Communications is differentiation. Your message needs to point out clearly how you are different in a memorable way. One of the most important aspects of selling is determining your point of difference and simplifying that down to a core statement you can use to market your product, service or idea.

People often struggle with their business differentiation. Our team makes differentiation simple.

To easily define what makes YOU desired, we need to answer 5 Key Questions. With these answers, you will know exactly what makes you different from your competitors and even better, you will have the pieces you need to create your core marketing messaging.

Five Key Marketing Questions:

  • WHO? – Your Target Audience (WHO do you want as customers?)
  • WHAT? – Your Business Offering (WHAT job are your customers hiring your product or service to do?)
  • HOW? – Your Internal Distinction (HOW do you sell or provide it uniquely?)
  • WHY? – Your Key Connector (WHY do you do what you do, why does it matter?)
  • SO WHAT? – Your Customer Results (WHAT changed for your customers? What progress did the customer receive?)

    Utilizing the Marketing Action Plan process and leveraging the Decision Drivers™ communication technique, Sandy Gerber and her team set out a road map for marketing and selling your business with influence, ease and success.